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Get F-d Up - The Smartest Man Alive - Impossible To Kill

  1. Zular

    Yes, Stephen Hawking is the smartest man alive. Yes, English physicist Stephen Hawking is the smartest man living today. Despite physical disabilities, Hawking has had remarkable achievements in the fields of relativity and quantum mechanics.
  2. Molkis

    Apr 29,  · Me am smartest man alive, no cape can kill me. Get ganked by 12 yo with a gun "get rekt m8". there is a good chance they mess Jack up. As for him being untouchable, that's what he's supposed to be. being involved, doesn't give him plot armor, it's the parahumans directly engaging with him that makes him functionally impossible to deal.
  3. Aramuro

    Sep 10,  · Lydia Sebastian is a year-old girl from Colchester County High School in Essex. She started talking at six months; she could play the violin at four; she’s read all seven Harry Potter books in the series three times. And just in case all that isn’t enough, Lydia achieved the highest possible score — — on her Mensa IQ folkmetal.cethischillbinderbandinadar.infoinfo’s higher than celebrated Author: Trilby Beresford.
  4. Bratilar

    Dec 16,  · Even though Rick is the smartest man alive, he's despised by just about everyone, and Morty is simply a teenage kid lacking all self-confidence (at least at first). This is why we root for them.
  5. Aralmaran

    Dec 28,  · Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad, Elisabeth Moss in Mad Men, and Danny Pudi in Community (AMC/NBC) Best TV episodes of the decade, a highly subjective listAuthor: Melanie Mcfarland.
  6. Tojasho

    Aug 21,  · He put things in his cell he could kill himself with. He broke his one hyoid bone - almost impossible. He put a fake picture of his dead self on a gurney in the NY POST. Man, Epstein was truly an AMAZING guy!!!! Last Edited by Blue State Rebel on 08/21/ PM.
  7. Banos

    Mar 03,  · year-old American autodidact, known as the smartest man in America, has an IQ reported to be between and Langan scored a perfect score in SAT even thought he slept his way through the exam.

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